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Havenhurst the review!

When I first saw the trailer I thought this was a ‘Haunted house’ kind of thing… BOY was I wrong! Admittedly the IMDB page synopsis was pretty vague… but that was what lured me in. Havenhurst starring Julie Benz (Dexter, Buffy/Angel, Two Evil Eyes), Danielle Harris (Halloween franchise, Hatchet 2-3), and Fionnula Flanagan (The Others, Trash Fire), Directed by Andrew C. Erin is a multi layered story with twists and turns that will keep you engrossed throughout the film… and it left me wanting more- like…now!

Of course I can go on about the ‘real’ plot but that would simply be a spoiler and I hate that. Suffice to say, that Havenhurst is the movie that actually delivers on many levels for us horror fans.

I still want to live in Havenhurst, I just want the best behaved neighbors… It’s difficult to not want to spoil some of the story and detail some of the nastier aspects of the characters, but I can say this- see if for yourself and you will see what I mean. Catch it on VOD and other streaming services!

Havenhurst is:

I am the Zombieking, and this topic is now DEAD to me.


Finally a ‘Haunted House’ vibe within a city! The synopsis is careful to not give too much away (A troubled young woman takes up residence in a Gothic apartment building where she must confront a terrifying evil.) so you’ll have to make plans to see it yourself. It’s got horror alums in Julie Benz (Dexter, Buffy/Angel, Two Evil Eyes), Danielle Harris (Halloween franchise, Hatchet 2-3), and Fionnula Flanagan (The Others, Trash Fire) and the setting looks incredible!

Havenhurst’s Los Angles Theatrical Release will happen on February 10th, 2017 at Laemmie Music Hall. After that, the film will be able to stream on VOD, so be sure to check your cable and satellite schedules after the tenth of February.

I am looking forward to this one folks… We need creepy places for us creepy folks to live in! Look for it on VOD soon!


360 Degrees of Hell!!!

Heya Shamblers!

Got something extra cool for you this time, the director of ‘Death House’ has a VR experience in time for Halloween! Check out the Press release:


Recall Studios has released ‘360 Degrees of Hell’, a new horror VR experience for Halloween.
The film stars Amanda Wyss, from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, and Lauren Compton, star of
Justin Lin’s blockbuster VR experience, ‘Help!’

Directed by B Harrison Smith (Camp Dread, The Fields, Zombie Killers, the upcoming Death
House), the experience follows up on events that transpired in Smith’s ‘6 Degrees of Hell’,
directed by Joe Raffa.

Shot inside one of the world’s freakiest Halloween haunts, the Hotel of Horror
( in Saylorsburg, PA, the VR experience features real-life haunters
inside this nationally ranked and renowned haunted attraction.

The immersive 360° sequel to Corey Feldman’s cult horror film ‘6 Degrees of Hell’ can be
viewed for free by downloading the Recall VR app on both the Apple and Google Play stores
and can be watched on YouTube 360:

Download it here ( )
Google Play (Android):
Download it here ( )
YouTube 360:
Watch it here ( )