When I first saw the trailer I thought this was a ‘Haunted house’ kind of thing… BOY was I wrong! Admittedly the IMDB page synopsis was pretty vague… but that was what lured me in. Havenhurst starring Julie Benz (Dexter, Buffy/Angel, Two Evil Eyes), Danielle Harris (Halloween franchise, Hatchet 2-3), and Fionnula Flanagan (The Others, Trash Fire), Directed by Andrew C. Erin is a multi layered story with twists and turns that will keep you engrossed throughout the film… and it left me wanting more- like…now!

Of course I can go on about the ‘real’ plot but that would simply be a spoiler and I hate that. Suffice to say, that Havenhurst is the movie that actually delivers on many levels for us horror fans.

I still want to live in Havenhurst, I just want the best behaved neighbors… It’s difficult to not want to spoil some of the story and detail some of the nastier aspects of the characters, but I can say this- see if for yourself and you will see what I mean. Catch it on VOD and other streaming services!

Havenhurst is:

I am the Zombieking, and this topic is now DEAD to me.


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