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When I interview Artists, sometimes they will draw their interpretation of ‘the Zombieking’…  My EGO DEMANDS IT!!!  Ok, actually I just offer to post it up and bask in the awesome that becomes the art… These are some of the wicked pieces we’ve gotten so far, more to come!  I have also posted up some cool stuff here because I’m not really sure where else to put it, like the Makeup on the Zombie in the short film ‘Roommates’ I made (Wanna see it? visit HERE under the ‘Media’ section  to check it out!)

Zombie close up!

Zombie close up!- Click for full size!


Zombieinfo Wallpaper- click to see full size!

Click for FULL SIZE!

Artist: Carter Reid- INTERVIEW LINK!  (Click for FULL SIZE!)

Artist: Mark Stokes- INTERVIEW LINK

Artist: Amer Shihab- INTERVIEW LINK HERE

Artist: Mark Slater – click HERE for the INTERVIEW Click image for Full Size!

Click for full size- Artist Martin Whitmore INTERVIEW LINK HERE

Artist: Heather King INTERVIEW LINK HERE

MORE COMING SOON!!!!  Much Love and thanks to the artists who have contributed work to this insane page!

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