This summer at the Horror Realm and pop expo show we got to speak to the filmmakers for the Other Side… Check it out!


The Other Side – Official Trailer from Ray Mongelli on Vimeo.


Here is their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Lots more coming from Horror Realm, including Shopping Mall of the Undead posts, and a brand new ‘Inkfected’ post- Stay Tuned!


Daeg Faerch Interview!

At Horror Realm and Pop Expo this past July we got to chat to Daeg Faerch (Michael Myers from Rob Zombie’s Halloween) about life, art, and other crap!

You may need to turn it up a bit… Otherwise enjoy!

(Zombieking’s Fez is by FEZ-O-RAMA!)

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Yep- that happened!


Yeah…that happened! I have interviewed a lot of folks, and I have to say that Bill is a pure treat! We had a few conversations before at a couple shows and prior to this interview- he’s a really solid guy so if he is anywhere at a show near you, drop by and say Hi… (and buy a kick ass TCM:2 Pic of course!) you won’t regret it!