3 fucking D…as in DONE. PLEASE

Yep, it’s RANT time, and this time I am SURE I am not alone…

Are you as sick of 3D as I am? Every fucking time I go to the movies I am pigeon holed into seeing the films I want to see…but in 3D. It’s like they put the 2D version off the schedulle so you have to go to the 3D one…not only does that mean I pay about 3 bucks more, but I have to put those shitty glasses over my own, and keep my head perfectly straight and still if I want to ‘enjoy’ the effect! Now, don’t get me wrong, I have seen ‘good’ 3D. Resident Evil:Extinction comes to mind, Avatar, and TRON also utilized the 3D well. But when every other movie is available in 3D, it just feels ‘tacked on’.
Oh… wait, there was one more recent 3D movie I enjoyed…

Yep… Piranha 3D (the sequel was awful and had ‘bad’ 3D…) Yeah, I guess I should have used a pic of the actual piranha to illustrate my love for the movie, but really, in all honesty the best use of the 3D was in the raunchier party scenes… oh, ok… here is one that relates to the blog more:

Better? Cool, let’s move on.
3 D in the 50’s was a ‘neat’ gimmick that didn’t really ‘overstay’ it’s welcome, and in the 80’s made a resurgence for a little bit…it DID overstay it’s welcome then. Did we learn nothing from this? I think there is only ONE forgivable title from back then, the iconic ‘introduction of the Hockey Mask’ Friday the 13th, part 3 in 3D:

This was a movie that KNEW the 3D was ‘bad’ and played up on it with various ‘oh look, I’m pointing stuff at the camera’ kinds of shots. It also had the greatest horror theme song ever…EVER:

But I digress… what of 3D today? Do we really NEED to see Paranorman in 3D? NO… It IS a great movie, but 3D is just…not needed at all. It’s almost like Hollywood has decided that if the film is in 3D then it will be better, well guess what- it only will make more money because you charge MORE for 3D!!!
Simply put: If a movie is good, then the gimmick really isn’t needed. Movies like Piranha were cool with the 3D because we KNEW the damn thing was going to be bad, but we had fun at it anyway… There will always be exceptions to this rule, but lately it’s just sad to see studios tacking 3D on to every damn thing… 3D died twice as a trend already, maybe it’s time to let it go again…in 3D, as in 3rd time Dead?
Thus endeth the Rant…

I’m ‘the Zombieking’…and this topic is now DEAD to me.

Yeah. Let THAT sink in. Now, I know I’ve defended ‘remakes’ before, but do we REALLY need to remake FAIRY TALES? Red riding hood, Snow White… is there really nothing left to shoot that is original? I marked this as Horror because it’s HORRIBLE. This is why the Hollywood system is ridiculed, for green lighting shit like this.