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Welcome to zombieinfo.com.  This site pretty much started when a friend and I were discussing the upcoming ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ and the differences between what IS and IS NOT a ‘Zombie’ movie (I’m looking at YOU ‘28 days later’ – more on this later)

He simply said “You know, YOU should have a website with this shit on it…”  so I registered zombieinfo.com, and here we are.

Ok, so here are a few things you should know:

  1. This site is primarily about Zombies but will also cover other horror/sci-fi/cult news that I find interesting.
  2. This site WILL contain profanity and most likely offend some and titillate others…
  3. The comments will be moderated.  Spammers should fuck off.
  4. I consider myself an ‘expert’ on the subject, and hey…it’s MY site so there it is.  Besides, there is no place to earn a doctorate in zombie lore, although Dr. Zombieking DOES sound good…
  5. Updates are pretty much when I have time- I’ll do my best to keep it up to date, but sometimes life gets in the way.  The goal is 3 times a week.

Ok, so enough of the prattle, let’s get on with some Zombie stuff!  I hope you like the site.

***Disclaimer: This site’s content is intended as (mostly) my opinion only, if you disagree…I don’t care.  In fact I care less than that, but there is no way to properly articulate this in English or any other known language.  There may be harsh language and direct opinion that will clash with your own…please see the previous notation. (The one where I don’t care…)   If you still wish to proceed, do so at your own risk, otherwise- Piss off.


A quick blurb on zombieinfo.com:  I’m the owner or zombieinfo.com (well…me & the Zombiequeen that is) – We cover zombie and horror stuff, and sometimes branch into Sci-Fi and ‘Cult’ stuff on the site.  From the indies to the big boys, as long as it’s related to these genres we are into it!

I’m known as ‘the Zombieking’ (and ‘the Zombiequeen’) and I  pretty much review and post on things in an ‘in your  face’ kind of approach… Please take a look at some of the great interviews and posts we’ve had so far!
Our traffic is constantly growing (already up in the several thousands!) and we try to cover a lot more fringe stuff to give us a bit of an edge over other sites.  I’m proud to say that we’ve broken into the ‘top ten’ horror blogs on the net according to horrorblips.com  with over 30k visitors at a peak and about 5-6 k on a regular weekly basis, so we gotta be doing something right…  (thanks to the readers!)

Point of interests regarding zombieinfo.com-

-IF you want us to do an interview with an author/artist they are written ‘in character’ and can be a bit edgy.  (Please refer to the existing interviews on the site for a taste)  If the artist in question is more conservative- you may want to consider this.

-IF you want us to do any giveaways, we can either provide winner’s contact info to you and you can ship, or you can ship the prizes to us and we can do so.  Whatever works easiest for you.  We also do giveaways at local Movie nights where we can plug your stuff.  Use the ‘Contact’ form on the site to inquire about this.

-IF you wish us to review your book/movie/product, please let us know so we can send you the shipping address.  You should be aware that we will review in the same ‘in your face style that our readers expect- whether we love it or hate it.

DISCLAIMER:  We would appreciate your product being something that is Horror/Zombie/Sci-Fi/Cult related… not that we don’t like getting a romantic comedy or a nice decorative centerpiece in the mail once in a while, if it ain’t in our field, it won’t get any press.  We aren’t here to rip you off or get free stuff (although we do appreciate it).   We just want to cover the horror stuff for the readers!  Please hit our Contact form (above) to send your inquiries!

That’s the deal…

Take care!

‘the Zombieking’ & ‘the Zombiequeen’

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