With only a bit of information and determination…. I know know who Anderson Bench is, and lemme tell you, you should too.


(He’s not what you think, either…)

Let me see if I can give you a taste without giving too much away: Anderson is a regular guy in a regular job and things go …awry (let’s say). He falls in love and …. things go awryier? (is that a word???)

Anyway this thing is hitting festivals as of Wed the 20th, and if you see it on the playbill, you should go. It’s ‘Grindhouse a-go-go’ with a nice love story (well, not too nice) tossed into that same grinder. It’s got chills and thrills, and Doggie-Burger-Land is catering the whole party.

Anderson Bench Trailer from Maddie Nichols on Vimeo.

Yeah, I know I already linked this trailer, but it’s all you get so watch it again and ask yourself: Who is Anderson Bench???



I couldn’t classify this as just one thing…. cult/horror madness! Find out yourself who he is, click the trailer!

Share, re-share and get the word out… Let’s get the world asking Who is ANDERSON BENCH!



Been a little while but there is some fun stuff coming soon, new Inkfected, new reviews and as usual new Zombieking bullshit!


Killer Rack Review

Blood, Boobies, and Babes… what else do you want?


A Christmas Horror Story

Looks like the King has a brand new Axe-mas tradition…

A Christmas Horror Story

A Christmas Horror Story is an Anthology in the style of ‘Trick r’ Treat’ in which several stories are interwoven and connect to form an almost singular story (but not quite). While there are some bumps on this road, I REALLY enjoyed it. One of the stories involves a BAD ASS Santa vs. Krampus in a fight that has to be seen to believe. I am sure that while the rest of the world is popping in Rudolph or Frosty into their players for a bit of holiday happiness, I’ll be putting A Christmas Horror Story in. So should you, because it is DEFINITELY:

Happy whatever from all of us here at Zombieinfo.com!