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An important message (and RANT) from The Zombie King:


Hello Friends (and FB friends)
I am writing this because I recently invited a TON of friends to like the page for the youtube show I work on (the Opinionated Monsters)

Facebook is looking to raise money off of people who are putting work out there and get known. As independent filmmakers, performers, and artists, we think that is BULLSHIT. We put all our time, money, and energy into what we create… So we ask this: Like the page and SHARE the hell out of it:
BUT NOT JUST FOR US! We realize that the page will benefit from this by having likes- We know you aren’t stupid, otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

We want to do this for other reasons as well:

1- The show is fun for us to do, and if you want to share that fun, great!

2- We want you to spread that love to YOUR friends who might enjoy that fun without PAYING Facebook to do so. If this social media was created to share our mutual likes- please share the love and show that ‘going viral’ can happen *without* having to pay a MULTI-MILLION dollar company even MORE money from the ‘little guy’ who is just trying to get the information out there.

3- Even if you don’t like horror stuff (or comedy as it is a funny little show) someone on your friends list might- and they might have some friends that do too- please ask them to share it!

Even just share this post and make IT go viral- Art in all forms, be it film, paint, music or even a silly youtube show or podcast needs to be seen, or heard. It is why we all create it. Let’s show the internet is ‘ours’ by sharing it- ALL, share your stuff, get it out there…Tweet, facebook, or post it on your blogs!

There’s a lot of great stuff coming up for the Opinionated Monsters, and we want to make sure we can share it with you!


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