Note and a lol

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that we’ve got a TON of great stuff coming your way, just sorting through it all now… whew! Being on the road gets tough!

Here is a lolzombie while you wait!




The very first Ottawa Comiccon is tomorrow! Come and support it so it can grow, like a zombie apocalypse!

Oh yeah, and come see with as we present CARNIVAL DIABLO in their ONLY appearance before their 20th anniversary show! A limited number of tickets for that show WILL be made available at OTTAWA COMICCON, so act now! Do not let this opportunity get off the hook, reel it in now!

Ok… that joke was lame, but doesn’t the picture really ‘hook’ you on the show!!!??? Come see what weird is, come by the booth and MEET the Carnival Diablo Troupe! There will be a number of surprises, but you’ll have to come by to see them! (Saturday only for the whole troupe, Sunday will feature the art of Scott McClelland and tickets will be available both days IF supplies last!)

This weekend May 12th and 13th at the CE Centre, at 4899 Uplands Drive in Ottawa, Ontario from Saturday at 10:30 am (unless you are a VIP then you get in at 9:30 you elite bastard…) till 7:00pm, Ottawa gets it’s FIRST Comiccon!!! Lot’s of stuff to do, and lot’s of GUESTS!!!

So let’s see, that’s Lou Ferrigno, John de Lancie, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Adam Baldwin, Jamie Bamber, Erin Gray, Jeremy Bulloch, Cassandra Peterson… aaaaaand oh yeah, WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER!!!!

What could we (as in and at booth 230-232 find us HERE) possibly add to make this show even more awesome …aside from the Zombieking and queen…and the host of Ottawahorror ‘Horrible Howard’ (I have no idea if that nickname will stick or not…it’s the first time I’ve used it) Ooooooohhhh I dunno, perhaps these guys?

Yeah, we get the Carnival Diablo performers to appear (ON SATURDAY ONLY) only 2 weeks before their 20th ANNIVERSARY SHOW and we have been informed that a block of tickets for that show WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE during Ottawa Comiccon to purchase at the booth… You’re welcome! We will also feature Scott McClelland’s art and a few more surprises at the booth BOTH days! If you have never experienced the Carnival Diablo show… I just have to say ‘What the fuck is wrong with you?’ GO …GET TICKETS… NOW! You will never see another show like this in your lifetime- and it is meant to be experienced live with friends, because no one will believe you otherwise…trust me.
If you can’t make the Comiccon (and why not?) then at least get your ass to the 20th anniversary show- click HERE to get tickets before it sells out… remember, the block at Comiccon is being HELD for that event- so there is no guarantee that there will be tickets after the Ottawa Comiccon is over, so hurry and get yours today!

Rumor has it that you MAY (read that as MAY, not for sure…) get a very small sample of the Carnival Diablo experience around 12:00pm and 4:00pm at the booth… we will see you there!


Yep, it’s really happening, and there are some really cool things going on that we will be announcing along with Comiccon, with the guests like Sir Patrick Stewart, John De Lancie, Jeremy Bullock, Lou Ferrigno, Elvira… and lots more! I can think of two more reasons to go to Ottawa Comiccon…

No, not that… I’m talking about ZOMBIEINFO.COM and OTTAWAHORROR.COM!!! Yep, we’re teaming up again to bring you some cool-ass stuff and surprises! Once we get our location figured out and some of those suprises finalized we will let you know, but in the meantime check out:

Ottawa Comiccon Official site HERE
Ottawa Commiccon FACEBOOK HERE

Maintenance is still ongoing but things are getting better! here’s that Lolzombie I promised earlier… Oh! And we’re gonna sponsor a Christmas movie on Dec 9th at the Mayfair! It’s Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!

Playing at 11:30pm, Friday Dec 9th at the MAYFAIR THEATRE (downtown location)…of course!
(Don’t worry…I’ll remind you again a couple times…) We’re donating Prizes, so come on out for some cult Zmas fun! …er Xmas.