So, not only are my computer woes not over…(as you can see from my postings falling off a bit- don’t worry it will be fixed shortly) we also have some new news that we are going to be expanding the family around here in an effort to keep up with regular posts!

Short answers: New computer coming, then backup of a TON of awesome stuff including highlights from the Fright Night Film Festival (Louisville KY), Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN), and Fan Expo (Toronto, Ont.)…as well as some new stuff from the upcoming Scare-a-Cuse (Verona, NY) and Halloween is a commin! Keep checking our facebook and twitter for up to the minute stuff in the meantime! Also- here is a lolzombie so you don’t think I am a total dick…

The best 4 days in gaming celebrates it’s 45th year!!! Wow, that is impressive- we will be sponsoring the annual Zombie Walk again with prizes and giveaways, it’s nice to be a small part of that 45 year legacy!
We will be tweeting/Facebooking and crap, so be sure to check out those pages to keep up with what is happening along with our regular posts!

The show begins on Thursday the 16th of August, and runs till the Sunday… come see why it is the BEST 4 days in Gaming!

-ZK & ZQ

Posting on my thought to be dead computer… it’s limping along, but I wanted to keep you in the loop…
Coming soon:

Some new reviews (with the computer downtime I’ve watched some movies, and you reap the rewards!
Nude Photos! …ok, no nude photos, but I made you look, right?

So, the gist is this: I still need a new computer, but in the interim, I will find a way to get posts up here! Until then enjoy this pic of Horror Icons, presumably watching ‘Magic Mike’ or possibly ‘Step Up Revolution 3D’. Yeah, I could see Jason getting into that.


My old PC may be a zombie… well, a corpse at least, but SOON I should have a solution in place. Just a quick note to let you know to keep checking the Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date, and know that all should be fixed up SOON…
In the meantime, LOLZOMBIE!

Heads up…

Just a quick note to keep everyone in the loop, I have a TON of new stuff to post but I am having some issues with my main computer… I am sorting it out, but it might take a bit of time. (money stuff is boring…but if you want to donate…feel free, no pressure) anyway, I will be putting up some new stuff very soon, but I just wanted to keep you in the loop – I will be tweeting and putting stuff on our Zombieinfo Facebook in the interim ( I can use my phone for that), so please follow us there while I sort out the computer situation- ALSO we are going to open up comments soon to everyone so we can encourage people to chat on posts a bit easier…so keep an eye out for that.
Eye OUT… get it?

Artist- Magnetic Eye

Chat soon!