Greetings Shamblers,

Well, it’s almost here… we’ve been waiting and Sunday we see the return of AMC’s the WALKING DEAD. During the 2012 Scare-a-cuse event we got to chat with Feature Zombie Michael Koske, who’s been all over the art for this season (see the pic?)

Michael is a pretty relaxed guy, hard to believe that he rips peoples faces off and eats them, right? We got to know him a bit and we are happy to share this last bit of Walking Dead goodness with you before the show starts again, enjoy!


I’m ‘the Zombieking’ …and this topic is now DEAD to me!

We also want to take this opportunity to introduce (AND WELCOME) our LATEST correspondent: Giallo GOON!!! THe footage was taken at Scare-a-cuse that happened in Sept of 2012, but I KNOW you are all jonesin’ for some Walking Dead action, so here ya go… Consider it a (Canadian) Thanksgiving gift- you can give thanks that we are only a week away from the Walking Dead Season 3 premiere! We might just have one more surprise for you before the premiere… keep it locked to for more!

I met Addy as well at the show, she’s a cool girl with a lot goin’ on, looking forward to seeing her work in the future!

Welcome Goon… glad to have you aboard!

Greetings Shamblers…

Tommy fucking Castillo. Yep, I got to interview THAT guy! Actually, I was late on interviewing him, but you’ll have to listen to the interview to hear the story…
Here is the ‘bio’ stolen directly from HIS WEBSITE:
Tommy Castillo is a master artist of the twisted and the macabre. Whether creating a slimy corpse reaching for you or the gentle glance of a mighty dragon, Tommy will capture you with the dynamics of his penciling and the intensity of his palette. With a career spanning eighteen years, Tommy is famed and sought after for his dark humor, brilliant attention to detail, and his love of the darker side of art. Tommy has put paint and pencil to such titles as Batman Detective; Legends of the Dark Knight; Toetags, with Horror legend George Romero; Evil Ernie; Tales From the Crypt; Alice in Wonderland; King Kong; Dragons, Myths, and Mayhem; various storyboards and designs for films; and many more of the macabre based literature. Tommy has been sought out by the fields largest companies: DC comics, Paramount Pictures, Warhammer, Wizards of the Coast, and Image and as offbeat as Rolling Stone magazine. His diverse styling and insane line work have defined him as one of today’s greatest in the field of comics and fine art…and y’know, he renders some of the scariest books of today, and the guy will get as giddy as a schoolboy on Sunday at the sight of a muppet. You gotta love that.

That’s the word from the official site, now here it is from my dried out lips to your pus encrusted ears: Tommy is a fucking solid guy… he has created some of the most iconic art, and he’s funny as fuck when you chat to him at a show. Who else would make a colouring book for the kiddies …of the UNDEAD?!?! If you ever get a chance to see him, do it. Oh, and buy something– you WON’T regret it!


I’m ‘the Zombieking’…and this topic is now DEAD to me.

Heya Shamblers,

You are gonna love this: This past August during Fanexpo- I got to sit down with legendary composer Alan Howarth! (OFFICIAL SITE HERE) who worked in tandem with John Carpenter to create some of the most memorable music in Horror and Genre film in the past 30 years!

How fucking cool is that?!?! It’s an audio interview, so CLICK IT to hear it!


He was a very laid back and chill kind of guy… was very open to chat with to fans and giving autographs!

We want to thank Alan for his time and his thoughts… check out his SITE HERE!

We are going to have a ton of new interviews, content and stuff… in that order from the ‘great computer crash of ought 12’ so make sure you keep checking us for the latest- I will be mixing some of the interviews up to keep the content fresh and interesting, so don’t be confused where it comes in the timeline… just know that it will be fucking cool!


Greetings Shamblers,

Got something a little special for you today, I was lucky enough to chat with the star of the SciFi show ‘Euereka’, Mr. Colin Ferguson this past weekend at the Wizard World Comic Con in Toronto, Ontario… so grab some headphones and listen in to our 2 part AUDIO INTERVIEW!


Yep…then we got interrupted, then like a clever Zombieking… I was trying to poke a little fun by calling one of his directorial efforts (Triassic Attack) ‘Jurassic Park: Part 27’ but he corrected me right away, so if you’re out there reading this Colin… I was just trying to rib you a bit, I meant no offense… thanks for soldiering on through this ridiculous interview… here is part 2!


Colin was exceptionally generous with his fans and time (and with me!)… I have to say I’ve met a lot of celebs but not one as accessible and cordial as Colin… you are a class act sir, I am wiser for having met you… now, look at some of the fun he had at the show!

Colin and a ‘Friend’

Colin joins the Canadian chapter of the Ghostbusters… (Yeah, I never knew there was one either…)

and finally, when the show is all over… you have to pack up and head home…

My thanks for Colin’s time and patience… be sure to catch Eureka in it’s final season, and keep an eye out for his future projects too!

I am ‘the Zombieking’…and this topic is now DEAD to me!