Heya Shamblers,

You are gonna love this: This past August during Fanexpo- I got to sit down with legendary composer Alan Howarth! (OFFICIAL SITE HERE) who worked in tandem with John Carpenter to create some of the most memorable music in Horror and Genre film in the past 30 years!

How fucking cool is that?!?! It’s an audio interview, so CLICK IT to hear it!


He was a very laid back and chill kind of guy… was very open to chat with to fans and giving autographs!

We want to thank Alan for his time and his thoughts… check out his SITE HERE!

We are going to have a ton of new interviews, content and stuff… in that order from the ‘great computer crash of ought 12’ so make sure you keep checking us for the latest- I will be mixing some of the interviews up to keep the content fresh and interesting, so don’t be confused where it comes in the timeline… just know that it will be fucking cool!


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