So last night the king and queen busted out a couple party games… and play tested Playroom Entertainment‘s GEEK OUT…

This is a pretty simple game to learn, and spans a lot of different geekdoms so if you don’t know a question, just wait… your turn will come!

-Rules are really simple to learn- LOOK:
Pretty simple, right?
-A good span of different ‘geek’ questions.
-Great for any number of folks, no one is excluded.

– Gigantic box for a deck, some counters and a single die… Eco nerds will weep when they see the wasted space in the packaging.
– The cards are a bit flimsy and ma not stand up to repeated games

– This game NEEDS A TIMER!!! It is really easy to get sidetracked into a bidding war, and with a larger group (we had 7) it makes for 5 folks sitting around waiting a bunch. We actually broke down and used an egg timer to speed this up during the second game.

OVERALL: This game is a fun as hell to play, and while the timer was the biggest complaint, there was a chance for some comedy gold watching people out geek each other.

This game is:

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