Zombieking here, with another fun filled article and review of John Schneider’s ‘Smothered’. Take a look at the talent that ol’ duke boy rounded up (Yes…it’s THAT John Schneider!)


First – lest’s all take a peek at the trailer:

Now I get to rub it in. I got to see the full movie (at least a screening cut) and I get to hold that over all of you… but what you really want to know is HOW IS THE FUCKING THING?!?!?

It is full of horror icons starring as seemingly as other horror icons…kinda (you’ll see what I mean when you see it) and pretty much looking like they are having a blast in doing so. First off, it is a horror/comedy that puts the onus on neither, and finds a perfect balance between both. I think that that is probably the hardest thing any filmmaker can do, and John has done it wonderfully. It’s a tip of the burnt up fedora to horror fans who love the genre and these guys all seem to be tipping their hats right back to us. Notably when a fan in the film says “You guys have the best job in the world!” and the film is portraying pretty much the opposite, R.A. threatens a cohort by saying “If anyone tells them any different I’ll hang them by razor wire and eat their heart…”

The crux of the film is 7 horror guests ditch a convention that is ‘dead’ (no pun intended) to make some money haunting a trailer park…but one of the ‘tit’ular girls has a different idea… er… titular. Sorry, couldn’t help myself there…


-Seeing all of the icons interacting was really fun, no other way to put it.
-The music was perfect for the film
-great practical effects
-Some great laughs, funny stuff followed by OH SHIT! moments.

-The timeline jumps around a bit making certain moments a bit hard to follow
-The investigator at the beginning and later in the movie makes no sense as to how he ties in with Agnus and D.D.
-Some scenes are a bit dark in places.

So as you can see the movie really only suffers from some MINOR things, it’s not like the story blows moose (or alligator in this case because it was shot in Baton Rouge LA) or anything like that, no- this is a loving depiction of the horror convention scene and it’s fans, as well as a fun bunch of murders to brighten up your day- so what I am saying is this: See ‘Smothered’ when you can (no release date as of publication) because this movie is the film every horror fan wishes they were in…oh wait…they are!

Smothered is:

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3 Responses to “Smothered by John Schneider is COMING!!!”

  1. Mary Lou Tringali Says:

    This movie really rocks. I bought the script the way John Schneider originally wrote it – in a linear fashion. It was changed later in editing, but I think it works both ways. Having been in the Voo-Doo Con scene shot in Baton Rouge at the 13th Gate, I can tell you that John is really a fantastic, sensitive, lovable, courageous, and funny guy. He is a wonderful director always taking charge without raising his voice and telling jokes keeping everyone happy even for long hours and hot temperatures. The movie is a perfect blend for horror icons aficionados, and lots of fun. Please see it!

  2. Fay Says:

    Great movie Can’t wait to see it..
    Great Job John .

  3. Smothered Debuts at Scare-a-con Says:


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