I can only tell you the truth about this game, no ‘Zombieking’ bullshit this time, only a heartfelt plea to the gamers and horror fans out there:
I got the chance to play this party game when it was in it the baby stages… I was at a small convention, in Hudson Ohio, called ‘Ancon‘. The Queen and I were guest speakers regarding the Zombie Outbreak (the show that year was about the Zompocalypse), and we showed one of our favorite movies ‘Sars Wars’ to enthusiastic games and horror fans alike. That convention was memorable for not only was it the very first ‘Zombieinfo.com’ booth, but for this game. It isn’t horror… but HORRIFYING!!! I mean, some of the cards literally creep you the fuck out! We went to a little get together at the show, it was like an old meeting of friends although a few of us were new to eachother…it just had a homey feeling.
We had about 10 folks around a table and this guy I had been chatting to (Dave) pulls out this game- now I had met he and his wife (Tamara) at a different convention years past that I attend when they were showing another game called Management Material… that one is fun too, but this was a bunch of gamers hanging out and trying a new game- one that was still being tweaked wasn’t even out yet. How could we say no?
What followed was one of the BEST times I have ever had playing a game. No joke, no bullshit. If you check out their KICKSTARTER you will not regret getting involved and getting one of the best games I have played into a reality.
That night I said to Dave and Tamara: “How can I help getting this made, how can I get involved.” We brainstormed and kept in touch, every few months we’d phone each other and keep at the ideas, well they just did up a Kickstarter to, well… get it started, and since I have this nifty website and all of you, well I’d really like to try to help them out, and to get you all involved as well if you can!

I promise to get back to my Zombieking bullshit next time, but this time… I just had to play it straight.



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