Yep… I’m back!
This time I am giving you a sneak peek at Warner Brothers latest horror offering ‘The Conjuring’ which follows the a case of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who were known for investigating over 10,000 cases of haunting during their career. This would include the infamous ‘Amityville Horror’ case as well.
The Conjuring is about a case that focuses on a family in 1968 in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson star as the Warrens, and their performance is fantastic…playing off of one another in an almost perfect way… you almost believe that they are really the Warrens. Then there is the family… guh.
The Perrons are played by Ron Livingston as Roger Perron who was the loving, concerned and slightly skeptical father of his 5 girls…yeah, that’s right FIVE: (Mackenzie Foy as) Cynthia Perron, (Joey King as) Christine Perron, (Hayley McFarland as) Nancy Perron, (Shanley Caswell as) Andrea Perron, and (Kyla Deaver as) April Perron… and then there is the mother… Lili Taylor as Carolyn Perron. I am sorry , you could NOT convince me to have 5 fucking kids with Lili Taylor, no way. Lili Taylor is (in my opinion) one of the absolute, WORST actors to choose for this role. She is constantly unlikable in almost every role she is in (look at the remake of the Haunting to get another look at Lili and the ghosts if you dare) and I do not buy her as a loving mother and unfortunately, she is given a lot of screen time due to the nature of the story, which I won’t divulge since the film isn’t out until Friday. If it weren’t for Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson’s performances as the Warrens, this movie would have been ruined by Lili Taylor for me (which wouldn’t be the first time she has done that). What about the hype… is it the ‘Scariest film ever made’ as the advertising would have us believe? Fuck no. But I will say this: It is creepy as fuck.
This is the kind of film that blends the ‘slow burn’ scare and peppers it enough jump scares to keep it going without relying on too many jumps. Overall it is well done, and therefore:


The Conjuring hits theatres this Friday, July 19th.

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