The Ottawa Browncoats, with the help of a bunch of sponsors (including us-!) raised 4 THOUSAND and 8 HUNDRED dollars at the annual charity screening of the Joss Whedon classic:’Serenity’.

The money will be given to the Equality Now and iSisters charities, we surpassed last years take by over $1500!!! All we can say is thank you to everyone who came and supported the screening, as well as a special shout out to everyone who donated items to Zombieinfo that we collected during the convention season to be bid upon to reach this fantastic sum:

Glitch Gaming Apparel
Stylin’ Online
Peachy Keen Pets
Dr. Who North America
Derek Mears @Derek_Mears
Sean Maher @Sean_M_Maher
Crimson Chain Leatherworks
Candy’s Costume Shop

I urge you to click on their links and maybe you’ll find something you like at some of the vendors that you would not find at the mall… you won’t regret it!

Once again, from all of us at… Thank you!


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