Dead Souls
Edited by Eric Beebe
Postmortem Press
(Available in both print and electronic versions- see below)

Greetings Rotting Readers,

Zombiequeen here with another book review.

The anthology is a great way to sample authors…kind of like a buffet, you can taste a bit of everything, and this book has a LOT of variety!
Dead souls is an anthology featuring 17 morbid morsels of zombie goodness from various authors that have recurring themes of love, family, loyalty and the ties that bind (and sometimes gag). It makes one examine what one would do if our ones we loved came back from the dead…and they were kind of hungry! Favorites for me included Push Button, Get Bacon – (a young girl’s search for her autistic brother) ; A Day in the Death (on the job with personnel) and Juice (an act of desperation that goes horrible wrong). The stories were so captivating, I ALMOST put down my martini! …ALMOST. If you pick up this book, I’m sure you will find something to gnaw on, there’s something for everyone here!

Featured authors include: Matthew Ashcraft, Joseph Williams, Paul Anderson, M Shaw, Kenneth W Cain, Robert Essig, Andrew Risch, KT Jayne, Suzanne Robb, RJ Reising, Jessica McHugh, Anton Cancre, Ginny Gilroy, Jackie Gamber, Thomas Malafarina, C Bryan Brown, and Jason Downes. With an Introducton by favorite Jonathan Maberry!

Available in both print and electronic versions, and check out Postmortem Press for more great books! (HERE)

Overall the Zombiequeen thinks this tasty tome is worth 4 bloody eyeball martinis!

Want it? Buy it!

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