Vanishing Hope
by Tobin Elliot
Burning Effigy Press

Greetings Shamblers! After a hiatus the Zombie Queen is back from the grave and ready to party in 2012! …or at least get back to doing the book reviews.

My first review I can dig up for 2012 is Vanishing Hope by Tobin Elliot. This micro-press story is brought to you from the fine folks at Burning Effigy Press (including Rue Morgue alumni Monica S. Kuebler!).

The first half of the story presents us with a young girl (Talia) unhappy with her current lot in life. She feels that the arrival of baby sister Alex ruined everything and drove her dad away. She hates the fact that she has to compete for the attention of her mom, and wishes Alex would just disappear. Well, be careful what you wish for! This story takes a dark and twisted turn when Talia finds a book (or does it find her?) that helps her develop her already creepy nature as she plays out her revenge on any and all who displease or disagree with her.

Dark, delicious and maddeningly short (I wanted to read SO much more about Talia’s exploits!) It felt like I some kind of reading addict lining up to a new dealer in Tobin, and the first hit was free. I was craving MORE! This is the first published book by author Tobin Elliot and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of his work. Rumor has it that Burning Effigy may have a full length novel coming out from Tobin, so keep your eyes out for it at!

So, what should I give a micro story with a maximum impact? 5 out of 5 eyeball martinis of course!

I’m ‘the Zombiequeen’ and this story is now dead…and buried!


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