It Came From the Kitchen
Monstrously Delicious Celebrity Recipes From Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Assorted Aliens and Beyond!
By Geoff Isaac & Gordon Reid

Greetings Shamblers! The Zombie Queen here again with a book that brings together two of my favourite things – cooking and movies!
It Came From the Kitchen is collection of recipes and recollections of industry faves (writers, actors, directors, special affects) from Sci-fi, Cult and Horror films. Filled with stories and food from the stars, filmography and fun facts this cookbook is a devilishly delicious read.
Highlights for me were the introduction by Ingrid Pitt , P.J. Soles Banana Pancakes, Vincent Price’s Risotto and Ray Bradbury’s Peach Kuchen. I spent several hours poring through it and have even made a few of the fantastic recipes. Even if you don’t cook, this book is worth buying…AND it will teach you to cook, so… you know, win-win. You can tell that the authors Geoff Isaac and Gordon Reid are real fans of the genre and did a lot of research for this fun book. Hope to see a sequel! (Zombieking interrupts- ‘Anything that keeps her feeding me is a-ok in my book… and it also keeps me from eating cheerleaders and girl guides!’)

Want it? Get it here:


As for my rating, I have to give this another 5 out of 5 eyeball martinis… 2012 has had a great start on reviews so far!

I’m ‘the Zombiequeen’…and this topic is dead, and BURIED!


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