The Zombiequeen returns! Been very busy reading while I was away, and I’ve got some great stuff for you here, and coming up… so let’s not sit around here and rot… let’s get to it!

Brains by Robin Becker

Harper Collins

College-professor-cum-zombie Jack Barnes is a different breed of undead—he can think. In fact, he can even write. And the story he has to tell is a truly disturbing—yet strangely heartwarming—one.

Convinced he’ll bring about a peaceful coexistence between zombies and humans if he can demonstrate his unique condition to Howard Stein, the man responsible for the zombie virus, Barnes sets off on a grueling cross-country journey to meet his maker. Along the way he recruits a small army of “super” zombies that will stop at nothing to reach their goal. There’s Guts, the dreadlocked boy who can run like the wind; Joan, the matronly nurse adept at reattaching decaying appendages; Annie, the young girl with a fierce quick-draw; and Ros, who can actually speak. United they embark on an epic quest to attain what all men, women—and, apparently, zombies—yearn for: equality.

Brains is a smart and sassy take on the sentient zombie leading a bunch of misfits on a doomed journey to meet their maker (the creator of the zombie-making virus) and convince humans that they can co-exist with the living dead. The characters are engaging and the story is humorous and full of sarcasm, pop culture references and spot on social commentary with brain munching and bullet-dodging action mixed in . A great ghoulish read that leaves you wanting more!

I give Brains 4 out of 5 bloody eyeball martinis!

I’m the Zombiequeen…and this review is DEAD and BURIED!


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