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You know I likes me ‘the funny’. Well while fucking around on the web (as I am wont to do) I found this wicked site where I found my latest websession (trademark ‘the Zombieking’ 2011) the cast is funny as fuck (there’s your quote Carter!) and the art is all around kick-ass… So I decided to take a peek at the creator’s ‘About me’ section, which we all know is usually death to dredge through…and I found out that fucker is ALMOST as funny as me! (go read it HERE) He’s damn near as Zombie obsessed too. Ladies and Gents… Carter Reid!

ZK: Heya Carter… Let’s get right into it, Fast or Slow Zombies…and why?

CR: I’m going to have to go with the fast zombies. I know this is heresy to many zombie purists out there, but I’m just not afraid of slow zombies. While I love “Night of the Living Dead” those zombies were so slow I think a teenager armed with a six pack of Redbull and a Hammer could have stopped that zompocalypse in it’s tracks.

ZK: Hey, since you are as ‘zombsessed’ (trademark ‘the Zombieking’ 2011) as I am, let’s get into the section of ‘Zombies Defined’ on your site… As you know I also sub classify the different ‘Zombie types’ here at… You already know I’ll fight you to the death on the whole 28 days aren’t zombies thing, but we both agree that Romero popularized the genre… Is there a favorite movie for you or do you just like em all?

CR: Okay, but if we’re going to fight I have to warn you, I’m a biter with poor oral hygiene. As for favorite zombie movies, I have several, but I’d say the movie “Fido” has a special place in my cold dead black heart. I love the dark humor of it and the casual acceptance of everyday horror the characters have. Plus it gets huge points with me for being original. I get very very very tired of the same zombie plot played out again and again.

ZK: Ok, so your website the Zombie Nation… Very fucking cool by the way, what got you started?

CR: Frustration actually. I was jealous that other people were making cool comics and I was stagnating and doing nothing. I started the comic as a way to keep me drawing… Now if it someday turns into some kind of evil global empire where I can use it to crush lesser men beneath my booted heal and claim their women, well I won’t complain.

ZK: Tell us about the Characters- any based on ‘real’ people?

CR: My lawyer has advised me to deny deny deny. None of my characters are specifically based on anyone, but then again I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know a whole mess of crazy people. Some aspects of their various screwed up personalities…. might…. MIGHT be incorporated from time to time. I do try to avoid being sued… at least for this. Sometimes it’s fun to be sued. (I never pay)

ZK: So, you are a more than just a webcomic- I’ve seen your interpretations of zombified famous people… Is there a favorite medium you like to work with when you create?

CR: Usually pencil then right to photoshop. Everything is digital these days. The comic is done in Illustrator, mainly because I use that in my day job and know it like the back of my incredibly manly hands. Good God these are manly hands!

ZK: Wow… 3 semi serious questions in a row without a dick joke…new record… So, do you have an actual plan for the Zompocalypse? I’m not saying you have to share it, but do you already have a plan?

CR: Oh I have a plan. I already have the weapons and food, next I need a generator and a massive fuel dump. When the zombpocalypse happens as we all know it will it’s my plan to loot the closest Gamestop and retire to my impregnable zombie proof fortress. And since it’s imperative that we continue the human race I will also try to “Acquire” as many potential mates as possible along the way. What? Don’t you judge me! I’m doing this for humanity.

If it looks like the zombies are finally going to bring me down, I plan on throwing myself to them laughing. Who knows, it might be fun being a zombie.

ZK: Ok Carter, I know you got stuff to do, so let us know what’s next on the horizon in other words: PLUG YOUR STUFF HERE!

CR: LOL Sure. Come visit “” and feel free to buy a poster. If for no other reason than it will aid me in my plans for global conquest and my bloodthirsty revenge. If you buy two posters I may make you King of Australia. Think about it, you’ll be able to punch a Koala! … I mean legally this time!

ZK:  …for the record, I never punched a Koala, they are a very noble and tasty

Take a look at this exclusive pic that Carter did up of yours truly! Thanks for coming by Carter- drop in when you got stuff to share, and we’ll keep checking the Zombie Nation!  (Click for FULL SIZE!)

Click for FULL SIZE!

I’m the Zombieking… and this topic is now DEAD to me!


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