How does that connect?

Watch this till the end:

Ok, so the last bit was about soda… lame leap of faith there but hey… it’s my damn page, right?

Ok, so the soda ‘Tentacle Grape’ needs some help to reformulate…I know the folks that make it, and they are DAMN FINE PEOPLE… I’ve promised to eat them last when Z-Day comes. So they gotta be cool. They want to basically make a better product and not be dicks about it… Its not like they are some huge corporate monster (aside from the tentacles, that is) and they need a hand if you are of a mind. So share this with your Anime friends, or just plain ol’ soda fans. Hell…I even like it, and I hate most things. They are also getting away from that ‘High Fucktose Corn Syrup’ crap and going to CANE SUGAR!!! So I, for one am really down with that change- which means it can come to Canada and other countries around the world! If you can spare a bit, this one is a winner-
CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT TENTACLE GRAPE! (and see all the cool perks of doing so)

Check out the video:

Hey! We’re sponsoring this years Zombie Walk…


In Montreal on Sept 14th?

If you are, check this out at the Montreal Comiccon!

Here is their FACEBOOK for the event…
And here is where you can get TICKETS

Pack the room for this!


Hatchet 3!!! Ottawa Premiere!


Heroine Marybeth, who barely survived the first two Hatchets, tries to convince a new crop of victims how hard Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder) is to kill in this third entry, which “is almost as much gleefully gory fun as the original รขโ‚ฌโ€ a comedy-horror hybrid that elicits screams of laughter and disgust in equal measure.” (Cinefantastique)

Yep, we’re presenting it, and giving stuff away as usual! Come see it this Friday (the 23rd) at 11:15 p.m. Where? at the Mayfair theatre of course! 1074 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, Canada.



Indianapolis! The best 4 Days in Gaming is nearly here! We are stoked, because not only is there games, but a Zombie walk…and a ZOMBIE DANCE! Along with seeing the newest in Horror games, and the neatest stuff and swag (not the douche bag kind… the giveaway kind!) there is ANOTHER thing I am interested in!
Truth be told, I am also releasing my new movie there, with prizes and giveaways! OG – Original Gamester -A film about the greatest gamer of all time and his gaming group. (Comedy -Ages 13+) – FREE ADMISSION- Game Id FLM1347126.

Did we mention that it is a FREE event? ๐Ÿ™‚ If you are in the area, come see the show! Free admission, Prizes and giveaways… pretty much the trifecta of fun!

Here is a trailer:

Hope to see you there!