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Zombie slippers will eat my feet… Want some? GET THEM HERE. I take a 9, but one size fits ‘most’…

The fine folks over at CRAZY DOG TEE SHIRTS have a nice little surprise for us: save $5 at checkout: SCAREME5 is the code, it SHOULD be good till Halloween, but get your orders in! Oh, they also have HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!

I am thinking this is a good one (and it’s new) to save the 5 bucks on:

…yeah, it’s like that.


With that little special day coming up, (and no…I don’t mean my birthday) at the end of the month, I figured it was my solem duty to  find something TRULY special for the Halloween fanatic, and WOAH…. did I find it, first, check this out:

Yeah… I know, right?  now, CLICK HERE (or just click the pic) and check out the whole mask… I am AMAZED at the quality and flexibility shown in the video at the link… it fucking blows my rotten little mind (what’s left of it anyway)

Now, I don’t normally gush- unless it’s body fluids, but their actual PRODUCT CATALOG blew me away…  Fangs, masks, gloves… hell if you just want to make your own they even do FX supplies!  Their client list boast films, TV, theme parks (I bet they are busy as fuck right now!) and a few other neat things…  check them out!

Oh- here’s their FACEBOOK for those out there who do that sort of thing…  I’m giving this the ZK stamp of approval, CFX?  Fuck, yeah, they are:

This post is KIND of a ‘Lolzombie’ because it does evoke the ‘lol’ response… but really it’s just from a really fucking cool webcomic called ‘Cyanide and Happiness‘  you should be reading… after zombieinfo.com, of course.



The best part of this… it’s available as an autographed print… BUY IT HERE!!!

Maybe it’s my ‘magnetic’ personality, but these things are HELLA cool.

Want one? Get over to the NEATOSHOP and get one! Actually…check out their whole ZOMBIE SHOP for cool stuff… Don’t blame me if you go broke either… I just supply the deets… it’s YOUR problem if you can’t control your spending habits. Consider that my official disclaimer…

Neatoshop and the blog ‘Neatorama‘ are ‘Officially’:

I’m the Zombieking… and this topic is DEAD to me…