Now, everyone knows I like me some tee shirts, so what would distinguish a tee shirt place from the others to make it be posted here? Innovative designs help… and having your own ZOMBIE SECTION helps as well… But the real differentiators when someone has a tee shirt place is whether or not the people who run it are cool or not… These people are. They are so fucking cool, in fact that they want to give our readers some prizes! Check this out:

Want one of these bad boys? We have 3 to give away, courtesy of the aforementioned cool folks at TShirt Bordello! All you gotta do is post here with your favorite Walking Dead Character OR your favorite Christopher Walken Movie/appearance… by March 10th 2012. ***This contest is open to the continental United States, and all of Canada (excluding Quebec). We’d also appreciate you checking out:

Tshirt Bordello’s BLOG – CLICK
Tshirt Bordello’s FACEBOOK-CLICK (and ‘Like’ it while you are there!)
and for good measure, check out OUR FACEBOOK PAGE – CLICK (and you should already ‘Like’ it anyway…right?)

Anyway, lemme break it down for you… TShirt Bordello = cool, come win a free shirt! OK?

Ok, so you might remember THIS back during last July… well, Neatoshop has STEPPED up their game! If you want any of these items (and I know you do…) Just click the pictures to go to their Zombie Shop… or visit HERE now, check all this stuff out:

Wine stoppers… (I like wine…)

A Zombie Head Decanter… ( I like, uh… decanting…)

Zombie Monitor buddies… (I like buddies…)

And now the ‘Coup de Grace…’ these are brand new, and if you’re ‘stuck’ for a Valentines day gift for you best ghoul (and you better order soon to get it in time!)… THIS will be the full on winner: The Anatomical Heart Pencil Holder!!!

Also it comes in ‘Head’ but it might not be as wise to ask for, or as romantic… then again, … I like… well, we all like that I think.
Check it out:

I said it once…I’ll say it again, NEATOSHOP owns my soul… If I had one that is.
Neatoshop remains:


I won’t give you a pic, because it will spoil the impact… just, GO HERE and bask in the awesome… and if you ned to get a certain Zombieking a ‘Zmas’ gift… well, uh… yeah.

These are VERY:


I met the owner at the Rue morgue ‘Festival of Fear’ this past summer, and I bough my own little hellhound a Skull collar… it’s very cool and handmade, check out her stuff HERE and order something for Zmas (Yeah, I’ve decided that I’m calling it ‘Zmas’ instead of Xmas this year… I’m weird, deal with it.)
Here’s a taste:

Yep, I dig it, they also have cherries, leopard print, comic prints… it’s very cool stuff, and it’s a handmade, personalized gift run from a home business- a very ‘ghoul’ gift for Zmas!

Peachy Keen? Oh yes, it’s:

Hey … remember THESE? If you don’t no worries, they have taken on a little ‘unlife’ of their own and have a NEW WEBSITE HERE

These are EASILY the best damn Xmas present you could get- and they are taking orders NOW for the season since they are custom… go, buy one (or more) now!

You will notice I will be posting more gift ideas a bit earlier this year, due to the plethora of awesome stuff I get sent and the whole ‘shipping in time for Xmas’ thing… so welcome back to the ‘Shopping Mall of the Undead’!!!

Ooo…they’re so freakin’ CUTE!