Awwwwwww yeah- and we will have some cool-ass shit hitting the site as we get closer to the Sunday Oct 14 Season 3 Premiere!

So, not only are my computer woes not over…(as you can see from my postings falling off a bit- don’t worry it will be fixed shortly) we also have some new news that we are going to be expanding the family around here in an effort to keep up with regular posts!

Short answers: New computer coming, then backup of a TON of awesome stuff including highlights from the Fright Night Film Festival (Louisville KY), Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN), and Fan Expo (Toronto, Ont.)…as well as some new stuff from the upcoming Scare-a-Cuse (Verona, NY) and Halloween is a commin! Keep checking our facebook and twitter for up to the minute stuff in the meantime! Also- here is a lolzombie so you don’t think I am a total dick…



Good stuff a’ commin!


My old PC may be a zombie… well, a corpse at least, but SOON I should have a solution in place. Just a quick note to let you know to keep checking the Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date, and know that all should be fixed up SOON…
In the meantime, LOLZOMBIE!

Note and a lol

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that we’ve got a TON of great stuff coming your way, just sorting through it all now… whew! Being on the road gets tough!

Here is a lolzombie while you wait!