Yep, I’m back with another ‘no bullshit’ review!, first here are the stats on the new movie: Cheap Thrills

A scheming couple put a struggling family man and his old friend through a series of increasingly twisted dares over the course of an evening at a local bar.
Director: E.L. Katz
Writers: David Chirchirillo, Trent Haaga
Starring: Pat Healy, Ethan Embry, Sara Paxton, and David Koechner…


Ok, caught up? Good… on to the review: Truthfully, I was on the fence about this one when I saw the trailer, I mean one thing I hate more than most things (and I hate most things…) is the ‘Jackass’ mentality of doing stupid shit for the sake of doing stupid shit… 2 years of TV and SEVEN fucking movies later they (the Jackass crew) continue to do stupid shit. Why? Because someone PAYS them to.
So when I saw this trailer, I thought ‘Fuck, no…Jackass style stuff, not interested.’ Well… a free pass I won brought me to the theatre, so I figured ‘Why not, it’s not like I paid for it…right?’ Having said all of that: I would pay to see this movie (and I will likely pick it up on DVD). It transcends the trailer, and gets into the ugly parts of your brain, making you laugh at things you REALLY shouldn’t laugh at. It isn’t a strict ‘Horror’ film. It makes you squirm at moments that are not there JUST to make you squirm, you really feel the subtext and the unnerving qualities of the situation. I know I don’t normally write lie that, so I will sum it up: This movie will fuck you up. The cast are presented as nice, ‘normal’ fun loving folks…then are flipped on their heads to become the most maniacal, ugly human beings that money can buy. Special note on Sara Paxton’s performance as the texting, disinterested and aloof sexpot, her slow burn approach to her character was really interesting to watch. David Koechner plays the sick maestro of ceremoneys (yes… I spelled it that way on purpose) was also very cool to see. The descent into depravity keeps you in a state of uncomfortable agitation…and you sit and wonder: Would I do that fucked-up thing I just saw for that much money? This movie sits somewhere in the ‘Horrific black comedy’ territory, and it sits there very well.
All in all? Cheap Thrills is:

I’m the Zombieking…and this topic is now DEAD to me.

A little sci-fi for you all, Johnny Depp looks to be more psycho then ‘HAL’ from the old 2000 movies… No solid release as of yet… just ‘Soon’ but still!


Check this out!

So we have a couple things happening in Ottawa this Saturday, the first is a cult gem- a comedy called ‘O.G. Original Gamester’ is premiering in Canada… Ottawa, Ontario Canada at the Comic Book Shoppe on 228 Bank street at 7 p.m. it’s a funny little ditty that is sponsored by DEADLY GROUNDS COFFEE!
– There will be a couple of shorts featured before the movie.
– Donations are appreciated but no charge for admission.
– Snacks and merch will be available for purchase.

All donations raised will be used to produce O.G. 2!!! Yep, we are planning on doing a second part even before the first is released here in Canada! Best of all- ALL DONATIONS ARE VOLUNTARY! We just want you there- if you happen to donate then great!

Once that is over we head up to the MAYFAIR THEATRE for a late night (11:00 p.m.) showing of the ORIGINAL EVIL DEAD!!!! ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!
We are giving away prizes, it’s gonna be a fun time!

How does that connect?

Watch this till the end:

Ok, so the last bit was about soda… lame leap of faith there but hey… it’s my damn page, right?

Ok, so the soda ‘Tentacle Grape’ needs some help to reformulate…I know the folks that make it, and they are DAMN FINE PEOPLE… I’ve promised to eat them last when Z-Day comes. So they gotta be cool. They want to basically make a better product and not be dicks about it… Its not like they are some huge corporate monster (aside from the tentacles, that is) and they need a hand if you are of a mind. So share this with your Anime friends, or just plain ol’ soda fans. Hell…I even like it, and I hate most things. They are also getting away from that ‘High Fucktose Corn Syrup’ crap and going to CANE SUGAR!!! So I, for one am really down with that change- which means it can come to Canada and other countries around the world! If you can spare a bit, this one is a winner-
CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT TENTACLE GRAPE! (and see all the cool perks of doing so)

Check out the video: