Hey all,

I’ve been pretty lazy for a while but the holidays are over so I guess I will start to drag my lazy ass back to it… We DO post extra content on our FACEBOOK page as well if you are getting annoyed at the speed of my posts, but we will have some amazing stuff coming up this year. Also: On the weekend of February the 2nd, we will be appearing at the Game Summit Canada, drop on by and pick up something spooky…
Speaking of February, Valentine’s day is a happenin’ (whether we like it or not…) and why not show your undying love by having you and your sweetie Zombified by Zombieinfo.com friend and awesome artist ROB SACCETTO! He is having a sale over at Zombie Portraits RIGHT NOW!

Anyway… lot’s to digest (see what I did there?) so here is a lolzombie to make you giggle… see you soon!


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