Tonight we present ‘A Little Bit Zombie’ 11:15 pm, filmmakers in attendance at the Mayfair Theatre!

Tomorrow: Getting ready for the Punk Ottawa Flea Market this weekend! Don’t miss it! FYI…while unpacking from last weekend’s ComicCon we found 20 tickets for the Carnival Diablo 20th anniversary show (May 26 at the Gladstone Theatre in Ottawa) that were part of the block of tickets released specifically for Ottawa Comicon. We are happy to have found these as we thought the tickets we had at ComicCon were sold out. We have obtained permission from Nikolai Diablo to sell the remaining tickets we have at the Punk Ottawa Flea Market for the same reduced price ($40.00- save the service charges!) Drop by our booth and pick up your tickets for this amazing show!
the Spring Flea Market – Saturday May 19 @ Mac Hall 19 May at 11:00