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This will be different, yeah… I got to meet Doug Bradley at the FanExpo ‘Festival of Fear’ this past August, and I scored an interview with the man himself. What… Don’t believe me? HERE IS THE AUDIO to PROVE IT!!! Yep, it’s an audio interview…first time ever. If this post goes well I might just do them from time to time…ignore the mumbling at the beginning, it’s a new machine. Below the audio will be all the relevant LINKS discussed in the interview… enjoy!

Doug Bradley AUDIO Interview- CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.dougbradley.com/
OFFICIAL SITE-STORE: http://www.dougbradley.com/store.php

UMBRAGE OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.umbragethemovie.co.uk/
The Trailer for UMBRAGE:

Doug Bradley’s IMDB page with his upcoming projects listed… http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0103208/

and Finally… http://www.renegadeartsentertainment.com/ Renegade Arts Entertainment for the Spinechiller series and details on the audiobooks!

Easily a perfect conversation… ok, ok, so I didn’t ask him ‘How many nails in your face, Doug?’ (answer is equal to how many times I nailed yer MOM…) but still, I got to chat to him about current projects, upcoming films (with RUTGER HAUER!!!! FUCK YEAH!) and really, you can find all that Pinhead stuff out there already, right? Umbrage looks kick ass, and I’m pretty stoked about his dance card being all filled up, so much thanks and love to Doug Bradley!

I’m ‘the Zombieking’ and this topic is now DEAD to me!


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