Ok shamblers… got something SPECIAL today for ya! Not only do we have the talented Chandler Riggs on deck… oh no, we got a ‘PG-13’ Zombieking! That’s right boys and ghouls… no swearing this time! …I might just pop a vein or something…I better clean up the body parts lying around the crypt too… anyway. On October the 16th (in 2 DAYS!!!)  we will see him return for AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2… Let’s take a look at Chandler’s body of work so far:
Get Low (2009)
The Walking Dead Season 1- (2010)
The Wronged Man (2010)
The Walking Dead Season 2- (2011)

When I met him and his Dad at the Fanexpo in Toronto this year, he was a friendly and outgoing guy… I didn’t even try to eat him! Then again, his Dad was sitting RIGHT THERE so I felt a little like I couldn’t have anyway…but enough jerkin’ around…let’s talk to him, Ladies and Gents: Mr Chandler Riggs!

CR: Sure (REAL NAME EDITED), er, Zombieking Hello, everyone, thanks for taking time to read & watch!

ZK: So Chandler, obviously I want to jump right in and talk about zombies… since we ARE ‘zoimbieinfo.com’ and all, but I wanted to chat a sec about some of your other work…The Wronged man is a Drama with Julia Ormond, and Get Low is a Drama/Mystery… with Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray… was it intimidating to work with actors like that or did you just say to yourself ‘I’m an actor, they are actors… no big whup!’

CR: Pretty much. It wasn’t intimidating because I did not know who they were, but I mainly worked with Robert Duvall and he was super-nice to me. Julia Ormond was awesome, maybe because she has kids, it felt like she was my temporary mom in our scenes.

ZK: Besides ‘The Walking Dead’, what else have you got coming up?

CR: a short film called Terminus, a pilot for a kid’s Cooking Show and after that either movie roles or back to school until Season 3 of the Walking Dead.

ZK: Wicked… So tell us a bit about being on the set of the Walking Dead… with the heat, and fitting in school, and the actual shooting of the show…it has to be a challenge!

CR: You don’t get distracted on this show because everyone is really focused and doing their jobs. I am home schooled on the set & they give me time, so it is way easier than actually going to school & doing it, which I had to do last year.

ZK: So, tell us about the Zombies, is it creepy, or just another day at the office for you when you see them now?

CR: Not really. We eat lunch with them and know they are normal people.

ZK: Do you like Zombies when they are fast…or slow?

CR: I like them slow because you can get away!

ZK: The show is fantastic, we’ve been on board since they announced it was being made- what’s it like working with the other actors, any funny or interesting stories to tell from the set?

CR: Tickfestation in the woods and Cow patties in the fields. Steven Yuen had a tick in a private place and he was hilarious telling us about it.

ZK: I won’t be so brash to ask about any of the upcoming plots, besides I prefer letting it play out so I get surprised… but I will ask this, without giving anything away, has any of the scripts for season 2 surprised you?

CR: A lot of them have, one was pretty jaw-dropping, but I can’t say how. Sorry.

Chandler, I want to thank you very much for taking the time to chat with us… we want to wish you all the success in this, and your upcoming projects, drop by anytime….but I doubt it will be this clean next time, the Zombiequeen made me pick up all the mess I left around the crypt for your visit…
Is there anything else you’d like to let us know to keep an eye out for?

CR: My dad’s band JILLHAMMER has a new song on iTunes called “Camel Toe”. Buy it a lot because he needs the money! And buy their album BOONDOGGLE. It has a lot of swearing in it, Zombieking, so you will love it!

Wicked, thanks a bunch for the chat!

….phew! I made it! A whole interview without swearing! I deserve a treat, where’s that cheerleader I had locked up?
Oh, make sure you check out AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ on Sunday, like I had to remind you…

I’m ‘the Zombieking’ and this topic is now DEAD to me!


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