Ok… time for a lil’ slice o’ Zombieking wisdom…and opinion…and bullshit. (always with the bullshit…)

As you can see from our interviews- I like Art. It’s probably because I suck at it so bad, but I admire the ability to create. In that ability, I usually get flabbergasted and honored that so many artists take the time to even put up a special something for us, the Zombieinfo.com reader. I mean- take a look at the GALLERY to see what I mean…
Art comes in many forms however, and I recently pointed to some (and here comes the Zombieking quote) “Fucking wicked-cool” stuff, I’m talking about Grunge Geek Design… I mean take a look at the intro I got from her:

“I wanted to introduce my website as something that your readers might be interested in. I am an artist specializing in anatomy, Gothic, mourning and gory themes. I work with antique surgical tools, cameos and grunge techniques. “ (ZK- As a side note: I have NO idea what any of this actually means…but I like it.)

She continues:  “As an eCommerce director by trade I realized that learning some graphic design would greatly help me in my work. I wasn’t expecting it to allow me to release my creativity. Mixing graphic design elements with hands on arts I was able to create some morbid pieces.”

Ok, so what does this say to me…? I’ll tell you (and you knew that I would): This person was simply saying to themselves, I’m gonna fuck around with some web stuff…and HOLY FUCK! I’m creating something!!! (Sound like anyone we know?) Take a look at her bio from her site: LINK HERE

The difference is that while everyone can create stuff… hers is fucking AWESOME.

Take a peek at these shadow boxes:

But oh no… she’s not content to just do that one trick, she does collages, AND Jewelry! I’m sure that there are more ideas in that head of hers… and I have to say I’m stoked to see them develop.

I will also go on record that THIS is the coolest necklace I’ve ever seen.

I’d even wear it, although I’m gonna walk around a while before any scientist gets a hold of the King… but it’s a pretty damn cool way to make sure you get where you’re going… Maybe I could get a custom “ When I stop walking, I bequeath my body to Science” one… who knows. Anyway- get over there and take a look at her stuff, it’s cool and therefore ZK approved.

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